All-Star Solo/Duo/Trio Information

Greetings All-Stars

We are excited that so many of you have expressed interest in competing in a solo, duo and/or trio and want to let you know that the All-Star Private Lesson and Choreography rates are changing as outlined below. The new pricing will go into effect on September 5th. (discounted from the general studio rates)

60 minute Solo Private Lesson $65 when paid at the time of the lesson

$70 when paid after lesson date

30 minute Solo Private Lesson: $35 when paid at the time of the lesson

$40 when paid after lesson date

60 minute Duet Private Lesson: $40 per person when paid at the time of the                                                            lesson

$45 per person when paid after lesson date

60 minute Trio Private Lesson: $30 per person when paid at the time of the                                                             lesson

$35 per person when paid after lesson date

Choreography Rate: $85 per solo routine

$90 for duo/trio routine (split between dancers.)

The above fees do not take into consideration any costume and competition fees.

We, Jeanne and Tara are available to answer any questions or issues you may have regarding classes, placement, financial, team etc and ask that you direct your communication to the studio. Our instructors are busy creating and focusing on choreography and teaching combined with the other full time jobs and families they all have.

If you are interested and want to begin work on a private lesson or have been working on one and need to schedule more time, our instructors will only be communicating to families and students via email and will get back to you within 48 hours. If you are running late or need to cancel a private lesson, then of course a text or call to the instructor directly is appropriate.

Here are the email addresses that you may need.









Thank you and see you during choreography week!

Tara, Jeanne

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