Mon Adult Hip Hop I/II Lesson

Mon Adult Hip Hop I/II Lesson

Lesson description

Please warm up, do your abs & legs workout and then learn my new combo.  The complete dance to "Family Affair" is posted in multiple angles with counts and music.  Don't be shy upload your dances to our group Facebook page.  Let's Go!

Miss Tara

    Mon Adult 1/2 (Bestie with music) week 5

      Mon Adult (Bestie- week 6)

        Mon Adult 1/2 (Get Down Tonight counts) Week 4

          Mon Adult HH 1/2 (Get Down Tonight-music) Week 4

            Miss Tara's Adult Warm-up

              Abs & Legs for Adult Hip Hop I/II

                Mon Adult I/II (counts facing back) Week 3

                  Family Affair (Counts with Mirror View)

                    Mon Adult I/II (family affair back view music) week 3

                      Family Affair (mirror view with music)