Thurs Beg/Int Tap Spring ’20 Lesson

Thurs Beg/Int Tap Spring '20 Lesson

Lesson description

Please warm up your feet & ankles, review your skills and drills and review the dance routine.  Have Fun!

    BegInt Tap May 14th

      Dance Class Video from May 7th

        Thurs Beg:Int Tap Week 4 - Fun:Challenge Combo - Rhythm Gonna Show Ya (Guest Choreographer)

        This is a really fun (and a bit fast) combination with Guest Choreographer Michael Keefe. Do your best trying to learn this combination little by little and you will be so proud of yourself at the end! Remember to try to match his rhythms even if your steps aren't perfect at first. Have Fun!

          Thurs Beg/Int Tap Week 3 Fun‘Lil Warmup Combo

          Here is another video with Professional Tapper Kaelyn Gray. This is a great warm up to do anytime you want to tap.

            Thurs Beg:Int Tap ABC Cramp Rolls Week 3

            This is the ABC Cramp Roll Combo we practiced this week - keep practicing to strengthen your feet!

              Thurs Beg:Int Tap New Choreography Week 3

              Here is a review of the new part we added last week and also another new 8-count to learn!

                Warm Up W/Ashley, Emma, and Reese

                  Thurs Beg/Int Tap WEEK 2 review plus NEW PART (

                  In this clip I will review the end section that we added the last week before break, and I will also add on a new section. Use this clip to go over and over until you feel confident and then you can practice the whole dance with our class music. Can't wait to see how you do learning this part!

                    Thurs Beg/Int WEEK 2 6 Shuffles Ball Change

                    Follow my feet to practice your shuffles. Remember you want to hit the front part of your toe tap for a nice crisp sound.

                      Thurs Beg/Int Tap Week 2 MaxiFord

                      Follow my feet to help you practice your maxi ford.