Thurs Pre-Pointe/Pointe Spring ’20 Lesson

Thurs Pre-Pointe/Pointe Spring '20 Lesson

Lesson description

Please warm-up, follow along with the center floor work and review your dance. Be safe and have fun!

Music for the performance

    Thurs Prepointe Choreo Add-on 5-14-20

      Thurs PrePointe/Pointe Barre Warm Up & Class

        Thurs PrePointe/Pointe Center Floor Foot Work

        Center Floor Saute & Eschappe Work for your feet

          Pre-Pointe/Pointe Choreography with Music

          Pre-Pointe/Pointe Choreography with Music
          Miss Dawn
          Dancers: Kate, Scarlet, Lucia, Emma, Lily, McCabe, Natalie, Katherine
          Song: Doin' Time