Tues AcroDance III/IV Spring '20 Lesson

Lesson description

Please warm-up, follow along with the floor stretch, practice your skills & drills, work on pirouettes, focus on your chest stands and review the dance.  Be safe and have fun!

Music for the Performance

    Tues Acro III-IV Performance Dance 5-19-20

    Dance with music - every dancer uses only their mat throughout the dance.

      Tues Acro III/IV Choreography Breakdown Whole Dance 5-19-20

      Keeping social distancing in mind, I rechoreographed Acro in order to keep everyone on their own mat.

        Tues Acro III/IV Dance

        Choreography for combined Acro classes dance - includes walk through and with music.

          Tues AcroDance III/IV General Warm Up

            Tues AcroDance III/IV Floor Stretch

              Tues AcroDance III-IV Drills: Shoulder Taps

              Conditioning and Strengthening for the shoulders and core work.

                Tues AcroDance III/IV - Skills and Drills for Dance - Grand Battements (Kicks)

                Work on Grand Battements (high kicks) to help to increase your flexibility with your leaps.

                  Tues Acro I/II Chest Stand Breakdown

                  Breakdown of a Chest Stand from a Student in Acro Arts

                    Tues Acro III/IV Chest Stand Breakdown

                    Chest Stand - video provided by a student in Acro Arts

                      Tues AcroDance III/IV Lesson 1: Handstands - Wall Press to HS

                      Lesson #1: This practice week HANDSTANDS are the name of the game. We will review during our class and then you will work on it throughout the week.