Thurs Advanced Tap Spring '20 Lesson

Lesson description

    Adv Tap May 14th

      Thurs Adv Tap Week 4 - Rhythm Gonna Show Ya Combo (Guest Choreographer)

      Here is a really fun and a little fast combination to learn from guest choreographer Michael Keefe. Try to learn it piece by piece and make sure to match his rhythm even if your footwork isn't just right at first.

        Thurs Adv Tap New Choreography for Dance Week 3

        I will teach this on Thursday too, but preview it now so you can figure out any questions you may have!

          Thurs Adv Tap Week 3 - Challenge Warm Up mp4

          Learn this new warm up!

            Thurs Adv Tap Week 2 New Combo!

            Learn this combo from Kaelyn Gray!

              Thurs Adv Tap Week 2 Scuffles

                Thurs Adv Tap Week 2 Riffles


                    Crossing Shuffles (Adv Tap)

                      INT_ADV TIME STEP