All-Star Lesson

Lesson description

Please choose a warm up, do the abs & legs workout and practice skills.  Practice your improv and learn the combos for fun and practice your team and production routines!

Keep up the good work! Miss Tara

    All-Star Warm up with Tara

      All-Star Technique Warm Up with Dawn

      General Technique Warm Up

        Abs & Legs for All-Stars

          All-Stars- Imagery Conditioning with Ashley - The Flexibility/Tension Connection

          Use this relaxing Imagery Conditioning activity to help you discover the tension you hold in your body and how is affects your flexibility and range of movement. Becoming more aware of the tension patterns you have and learning to release them will help you improve your technique and become a stronger dancer

            Allstars Deepening Your Plie

            We use Plie in almost all dance movements. Do this short exercise daily to help you deepen your plie.

              Allstars Imagery Conditioning - Feet

              Many dancers would like to improve their feet. These simple exercises can help you to strengthen your feet and improve your feet.

                All Star - Skills and Drills Grand Battements (Kicks)

                Work on Grand Battements (high kicks) to help to increase your flexibility with your leaps.

                  All-Star Dance Combo WK 1 with counts (Levi High)

                  Choreography by Miss Bianca

                    All-Star Combo WK 1 (Dance with Music) Levi High

                    Choreography by Miss Bianca

                      Hip Hop Grooves (guest choreography)