Fri Little Feet Hip Hop Spring '20 Lesson

Lesson description

Please warm up with me, practice your across the floor, see if you can find two sticks or wooden spoons to bang together for tap to the rhythm and work on our routine.  More videos to come!

"Getting Jiggy With It" music



    Fri LF Hip Hop "I Like Bees" (learn the dance with counts)

      Fri LF HH "I Like Bees" (music)

        Little Feet Hip Hop Warm up

          Fri LF Hip Hop (Top Rock)

            Little Feet Hip Hop Across the Floor

              Fri LF Hip Hop (Tap to the Rhythm)

                Fri LF Hip Hop (Gettin’ Jiggy With it) week 2

                  Gettin' Jiggy With It-Friday Little Feet Hip Hop

                    Family Dance Live Stream 3-28