Lynwood Kindergarten Dance with Miss Tara

Lesson description

Hello Dancers,

Please warm up and practice the hip hop moves, grab a stuffed animal and do Hooray for Chasse.  Play the song below at the end and do the Freeze dance.  I miss you and hope you Have Fun!  Miss Tara

    Lynwood (dance warm up)

      Lynwood (It’s a Bugs Life Combo)

        Lynwood (I Like Bees Dance with counts)

          Lynwood (I Like Bees Dance with music)

            Lynwood Hip Hop Warm up

              Lynwood (learn how to top rock)

                Lynwood (learn how to pa de bourree)

                  Lynwood Hip Hop Moves for Practice

                    Lynwood (Hooray for Chasee)

                    Grab your favorite stuffed animal and practice some fun moves.

                      You Can’t Stop the Beat (Lynwood Kinder)