Wed Preteen/Teen Urban Street Styles I Spring '20 Lesson

Lesson description

Please warm up, do your skills & drills and practice your dance with counts and music.  Have Fun!

    wk 6 wed. preteen/teen full routine

      Week 5 Wed preteen/teen I Urban Freestyle tips and concepts pt 2

        Week 4 Preteen/Teen Urban l "Akwabba" pt 1

          Week 3 Wed Preteen/Teen Urban I Freestyle tips and concepts

            Preteen/Teen Urban l Warm Up (BZ)

              Preteen/teen Urban l Drills (BZ)

                Wk 2 Wed. Preteen/Teen Urban Street Styles I Bow wow pt 2 plus full routine with music

                  Preteen/teen Urban l Choreo (BZ)