Thurs Ballet I/II Spring '20 Lesson

Lesson description

Welcome Ballet I & Ballet II dancers.  Please warm up, stretch, work on technique and review your dance choreography.

Music for class choreography

    Thurs Ballet I/II Leap Section Breakdown 5-15-20

    Stage Left: Starting with right foot behind - Talbot, Anaya, Kennedy, Savannah, Sophia and Briella
    Stage Right: Starting with left foot behind - Lanna, Audrey, Arielle, Milla, Carla, Rachel and Ryan

      Thurs Ballet I/II Choreography for Performance 5-7-20

      This has both choreography broken down and with music for each group.
      Line 1 and 3 are the same with Line 1 coming out first.
      Line 2 is the same until the chasse saute.

        Thur Ballet I/II New Skill - Jete Practice

          Thurs Ballet I/II Class - Warm Up and Barre Class #1

            Thurs Ballet I/II New Skill - Sissone Practice

            Sissone in French means "like scissors".
            It is a jump that starts on two feet in fifth position, lands on one foot and then the second one closes in fifth.

              Thur Ballet I/II New Skill - Changement Practice

                Thurs Ballet I/II General Stretch - Splits

                  Thurs Ballet I/II - Pirouettes (Breakdown Ballet Turns)

                    Beg Ballet 1-2 Pirouette Practice

                      Thurs Ballet I/II - Skills and Drills - Grand Battements (Kicks)

                      Work on Grand Battements (high kicks) to help to increase your flexibility with your leaps.