Mon Jazz III Spring ’20 Lesson

Mon Jazz III Spring '20 Lesson

Lesson description

Please warmup and do your ab workout, practice pirouettes, learn the combo and practice your routine.

    Jazz 3 Last Class Recital Choreo with notes

      WEEK 6 Jazz 3 Brian Friedman Sassy Choreography

        WEEK 5 Jazz 3 Guest Choreography

          WEEK 4 Jazz 3

            WEEK 3 Jazz 3 Recorded Zoom Recital Choreography

              Jazz III Warm Up

                Ab workout for Jazz III

                  WEEK 2 Jazz 3 Pirouettes

                  For a change of scenery, try this in a hallway 🙂

                    Pirouette Practice for Jazz III

                      Jazz 3 White Noise Guest Choreography part 1