Mon Jazz IV Spring ’20 Lesson

Mon Jazz IV Spring '20 Lesson

Lesson description

Please warm up, do your ab routine, learn the guest choreography and practice your class routine.

    Jazz 4 last class final changes

      Jazz 4 Last Class Zoom Recital Choreography

        WEEK 7 Jazz 4 Recital Choroegraphy

          WEEK 6 Brian Friedman Sassy Choreography

            WEEK 4 Jazz 4 Guest Choreography

              WEEK 3 JAZZ 4 Black and Gold Mandy Moore Combo

              Remember when I suggested we use Black and Gold for the recital? Well, Mandy Moore just used it and it’s awesome 🙂

                WEEK 2 Jazz 4 Recital Choreo

                  Jazz IV Warm Up

                    Ab workout with Miss Tamara for Jazz IV

                      Brian Friedman Advanced Jazz Choreography WEEK 3