Mon Advanced SALT Spring '20 Lesson

Lesson description

Please follow along with the stretch warm up, practice the jazz progressions, work on your handstands and spend some time working on your scorpions.  Please stretch and do the acro moves safely.

    WEEK 3 Advanced Salt Guest Acro/Contemporary Choreography

      WEEK 5 Cool combo with warm up

        Mon Adv SALT Stretch

          WEEK 2 Derek P Adv Acro Lyrical Choreography ADV SALT

          This is a hard one - Derek P is my favorite. There will be tricks in here you probably can't do. I would love for you to learn this choreography and modify it for your space and skill level. PLEASE send me a video when/if you do. It's soooooo gorgeous!!!!!

            Mon Adv SALT (Adv Jazz Progressions)

            guest choreographer Nick Lazzarini

              Mon Adv SALT Handstand Challenge

                Mon Adv SALT (Working on Scorpions)

                (Acrobatic Arts)