All-Star Preps

Lesson description

Please choose a warm up & stretch, practice your skills and across the floor moves.  Check out Miss Bianca's four corners game and learn the guest combo for fun.  You should also continue to practice your team dances. Go All-Stars!

    Where have You Been (guest choreo)

    Learn to dance like a backup dancer for Rihanna

      All-Star Prep Warm-up with Miss Tara

        All-Star Prep Warm-up with Miss Bianca

          All-Star Prep Technique Warm Up with Miss Dawn

          General Technique Warm Up

            All Star Prep - Floor Stretch

              All Star Prep - General Stretch - Splits

              Daily practice - to achieve better flexibility, you will want to practice your splits daily. You won't always feel like you are making progress, but trust me - YOU ARE!

                All Star Preps - Grand Battements (High Kicks)

                Work on Grand Battements (high kicks) to help to increase your flexibility with your leaps.

                  All-Star Prep - Body Position in Prep and Turns

                  More in-depth information for how to hold the body in the prep in order to push up to a tall position in your turn.

                    All-Star Prep Pirouettes Part 1 - The Prep

                    General Preparation for a jazz turn - including general feet, knee and body positions.

                      All-Star Prep Pirouettes Part 2 - The Turn