Thurs Ballet V Spring '20 Lesson

Lesson description

Please warm-up, do your ballet center, learn the combo and review the dance.

    BalletV May14th

      Thurs. Ballet 5 Week 4 Adv. Barre work (guest choreographer)

        Ballet V Barre Work Video

          Ballet Center BegInt

            Thurs Ballet V - New Section for Soph/Jr group (WEEK 3)

            This is the new section we added for the soph/jr group with and without music.

              Thurs Ballet 5 Dance with Music as of 4/16 (WEEK 3)

              This is the dance with all choreography with music as of 4/16

                Thurs Ballet V Week 2 - Combos with alumni Elise and Friend

                A couple of new ballet combinations for your to practice at home.

                  Ballet V Review of Dance (main part)

                    Ballet V Dance With Music Part 1

                      Ballet V Dance With Music Part 2