Fri Little Feet Ballet Spring '20 Lesson

Lesson description

Please follow me with a warm up, choose your favorite stuffed animal for Hooray for Chasee, practice your spins as we go to the Princess Ball, see if you have a hula hoop to practice jumping and practice the routine starting in first position.  Have Fun!  Miss Tara

Music for The Lonely Goatherd

    Fri LF Ballet (The Lonely Goatherd)

      Friday Little Feet Ballet Warm-up

        Friday Little Ballet (Jete Practice) Week 4

          Fri LF Ballet (Changement Practice) Week 3

            Fri LF Ballet (Balance’) week 2

              Fri LF Ballet (the Lonely Goatherd) week 2

                Friday Little Feet Ballet (Hooray for Chasee)

                  Friday Little Feet Ballet (The Princess Ball)

                    Fri Little Feet Ballet (jumps & leaps)