Mon Jazz IV Spring '20 Lesson

Lesson description

Please warm up, do your ab routine, learn the guest choreography and practice your class routine.

    Jazz 4 last class final changes

      Jazz 4 Last Class Zoom Recital Choreography

        WEEK 7 Jazz 4 Recital Choroegraphy

          WEEK 6 Brian Friedman Sassy Choreography

            WEEK 4 Jazz 4 Guest Choreography

              WEEK 3 JAZZ 4 Black and Gold Mandy Moore Combo

              Remember when I suggested we use Black and Gold for the recital? Well, Mandy Moore just used it and it’s awesome 🙂

                WEEK 2 Jazz 4 Recital Choreo

                  Jazz IV Warm Up

                    Ab workout with Miss Tamara for Jazz IV

                      Brian Friedman Advanced Jazz Choreography WEEK 3