Wed Lyrical Jazz I Spring '20 Lesson

Lesson description

Please warm up, practice pirouettes, learn the combos and practice your dance.  Have Fun!

    Lyrical Jazz 1 Last Class Zoom Recital Choreography

      WEEK 7 Lyrical Jazz 1 Choreography

        WEEK 6 Lyrical Jazz 1 Fun warm up with choreography

          WEEK 3 Lyrical Jazz 1 Pique Turns

            WEEK 2 A Million Dreams choreo with counts

            Here is your first new added on choreography!

              Lyrical/Contemporary 1 Warm-up

                Pirouette Practice for Lyrical I

                  Wed Lyr I (Somewhere Only We Know)

                    Lyrical I Practice Combo (Shallow)

                      Lyrical Jazz I (Miss Tamara)